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How to laminate vinyl sticker well?

1/9/2017 7:05:07 PM times the

Wuhan JW banner Co., Ltd is the first company for advertisement. I am now familiar with some advertisement products. They are used widely, for example, the light box advertisement for subway and other public transportation. Some supermarket advertising billboard, banner, vinyl sticker used for construction, museum billboard and so on.

vinyl sticker lamilation.png

As for the freshman for advertisement, when I come to the company, I learn to how to laminate firstly. Laminating is the most important part, it is hard to do well. But I try my best to do well. Especially, some products are made by eco-solvent machine, it should be laminate. So I should pay much more attention to that.
There are different kinds of the films, when laminating, for the length, we should match the banner. We should keep them clear, if not clear, it would be seen obviously. We can check them carefully before laminating. The film should be aligned at the banner. It should be straight and clear, if not aligned, they can stick on to the laminating machine. The problem is that they don’t look-good. And it can affect the appearance and the lifetime.


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