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A detailed introduction of pull up banners

1/20/2017 1:03:54 AM times the

Pull up banners, also called roll up banners, as one of the most popular advertising products, are in demanded by customers. It is made of aluminum stand, telescope pole, PVC graphics. The manufacturer produce the aluminum-alloy base according to customer requirements---tiny, handsome, handiness, exquisite. However, the stand material is always aluminum-alloy, for the sake of its low density, convenient to carry with, at the meantime, aluminum is also easy to get damaged and distort when suffering severe impact, so when we pack, we should get the pull up banner around with bubble paper to protect from external impact.

pull up banner.jpg

Moreover, to meet customers' request, there are variety of styles come with different requirements, expect for the traditional style, more customers would like to use the double sides graphics one,  the electrical ones, as they are easy to assembly, take less time to learn how to use, thus, the price is much higher. Our object clients are all for traditional pull up banners for now.
As for the graphics material, all printing material we use is PVC and pp, as the prices are more reasonable, as PVC material is hard to fold when we use double sides tape to stick on, and also come with bubble, so it is often used with 3707 stand. Because, due to different structure, during the installing process, we don’t need to fold the PVC, but clip the graphics on, so don’t worry about the bubble would be come.
PP material are used to install for other styles and ready to assembly, but as it is soft and not durable, during installing and using steps, it is readily to get damaged.
Conceding that, we advise to try to use some other high-quality material like canvas, 600D polyester, and bubble free and not easy to get worn for edges.
PS: The installing steps are vital, such as fix the pole on the top of graphics, it needs to be sticked extremely strong, otherwise, it would fall off when using, which happned with some customers.


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