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Which is the best artwork format for banner printing?

5/5/2017 8:49:44 PM times the

The best artwork format for banner printing is absolutely vector image.


Vector image is drawn by design software such as Adobe illustrator, CorelDraw etc., it is always clear enough no matter how big you enlarge, and a vector image could be opened in design software only. The vector image must save in vector format, like ai, eps, pdf, svg, cdr, if save in other format like jpg, it is not vector image anymore.


Bitmap image is opposite to vector image, it is made of pixels, the resolution will be lower and lower when enlarge the image, like photos took by phone or camera, images on the internet. The most common bitmap format is jpg, png, tif etc.


(The actual banner printing effect when enlarge vector and bitmap image.)


If put a bitmap image into pdf or ai file, can it be vector image?

Of course not, the vector image must be drawn. Insert a jpg image into pdf file will not help it become a vector image, the image would not be more clear when we use it to print banners. No matter pdf or jpg file, if the original image is the same, then there is no difference even change the file format. When mix the vector and bitmap images together, the vector is still vector, bitmap is still bitmap, they do not influence each other.


(Red logo is vector image, and car is bitmap image)


How to change a bitmap image into vector image?

For simple bitmap image, like text, rectangle, triangle or round shapes, solid color background, it could be redrawn to vector image, but it costs much time to redraw, and there is some difference between the details of original and redrawn images.



For photos, it could be converted to vector images by design software, but the image is very rough, it is only suitable for printing big banners like 10x10 meters and watch far away from it.



I do not have vector image, how to know if the printing is clearly?

Put the image into Photoshop, amend it to the actual size you plan to print, zoom it to “print size”, then the effect you see on the computer will be very close to printed banners.


Are the images downloaded from internet good for printing?

Always trying to find high pixels images, take google images for example, click “tools” on the menu, choose the size larger than 70MP, if not find, trying next bigger options. Download and open the image with Photoshop, check if the resolution is enough for printing at “print size”. If it is blurring, please search for another one, because even you give it to us, we do not have any solutions to make it clear.


Is higher dpi better than lower?

Actually the dpi is not as important as you thought, we prefer suitable dpi, not higher and higher. If the effect is already very good on 70 dpi, which is not a joke, vector images on 70dpi is very clear for big size banner, then there is no need to amend the dpi higher, we tested before. By the way, if the original 100 dpi bitmap is not clear, change the dpi to 300 is not helpful to make it clear.


Why the printed banner color is different from computer?

The color mode on computer display, tablet and mobile phone is RGB, but the printers use cyan, magenta, yellow, black inks to print full colors, and same ink may be not the same when printed on different material. If you are very strict on colors, please provide a PMS code, we will try our best to match it.


All in all, we prefer below artwork for banner printing:

1.   Vector image saved in ai, pdf, eps or svg format.

2.    Bitmap images with enough resolution for actual size banner printing.

3.    Mixed vector and bitmap image save in ai, pdf format, the bitmap part is clear enough

4.    Simple bitmap images at any format which could be redrawn.

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