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Sales Team

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The JW Banner sales team has been growing fast from first 3 staffs to 7 staffs now, we all offer the best service with the “customers is God” faith in our mind. We advise the best suitable products according to the clients requirements-where to use it, how they want to use it, how long they want to use it, we also help customers to choose the cost-optimal logistics under the premise of guaranteeing delivery time.

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JW Team Introduction Liu Qing.jpg


Sophia is professional, diligent, and an experienced sales 

consultant. She is constantly offering support and encou-

ragement in difficult situations along with her ideas for high

efficient solutions.

You will find her considerate and reliable in helping you when 

you need some suggestions on the products .

In short ,Sophia would give you an awesome service!

JW Team Introduction Chen Jin.jpg


Sara has 5 years experience of foreign sales, familiar with

foreign trade processes.

Since joined in Wuhan JW Banner Co.,Ltd in 2015,Sara had

serviced more than 180 customers all around the world with

rich experience and professional product knowledge.

JW Team Introduction Gao Juan.jpg


Olivia, a passionate and thoughtful girl, have been in JW

BANNER for 2 years, is a professional account represen-

tative of overseas market. With rich experience of adver-

tising products and printing technique, she had served 197

customers, all over the world, like "Red Bull" company in

Australia, "Coca Cola" agent in Chile. For the peer Clients,

she can always offer reasonable price with fast service,

even more important, she has been advising most suitable

products depends on requirements of clients, who don’t 

know exactly what they are after.

JW Team Introduction Yi Lei.jpg


Lily is a lovely girl,  always be ture to show herself .

She works hard trying to give our best shot to you, in order

to offer incomparable products and services that perfectly 

match all your desires. Leading through quality and services,

ensure that we are the best option ,customers can ever 

make in advertising and gifts. 

During these days working with her, we get much happiness 

from her talking, she believes that to trival is to live.

JW Team Introduction Wu Meng.jpg


Zona Wu, a thoughtful and responsible sales representative, 

always provides meticulous services. Due to her rich expe-

rience of advertising products and ability to identify the 

requirement of clients accurately, she gives plenty of 

customers a perfect online shipping experience. 

JW Team Introduction Zheng Rong.jpg


Cherry Zheng worked in Shenzhen as an IT hardware sales

 for seven years. From 2016 changed position to Wuhan 

as a newcomer in advertising industry. Extensive experience 

in communication both oral & write English, also learned 

French before, good at solving kinds of trading problems. 

Familiar with Chinese factories and international market 

consumption habit, she takes a holistic view of a business 

to provide purchasers with the best solutions that they need 

to support their advertising goals. Responsibility for her clients 

and their orders directly. Pleasure to grow up with all the 

advertising people together.

JW Team Introduction Li Kui.jpg


With 12 years’ sales experience, he knows every process 

well in international trade, able to solve different problems 

you may meet during order. He also has 5 years’ experience 

in printing industry, very professional on all kinds of advertising 

products, he could always suggest the most suitable products 

for your events, shows and advertising. He will be your most 

reliable partner in sourcing banners, flags, stickers, decals, 

displays and signs. 


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